National Geographic Live: The Search for Life Beyond Earth

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Kevin Hand Cr Mark Thiessen

Astrobiologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Kevin Hand searches for life beyond Earth.

He is currently helping plan a NASA mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa to investigate evidence of a vast subsurface ocean which could sustain primitive forms of life on this alien world nearly 600 million miles from our planet.

Based at Pasadena’s world-famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hand designs instruments for the probe that will travel to Europa.

To gain perspective on the conditions these instruments will have to endure, and to see how microbes eke out a living in our world’s harshest climes, Hand has traveled to the most forbidding environments on Earth.

He has conducted studies on the glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro, the valleys of Antarctica, and the depths of our oceans.

Guests are invited to join Kevin Hand for a reception at Discovery Place Science, where we will explore the universe.

Check-in will be at Tryon St. Admissions.
Cash/credit bars with wine and beer will be available in the Museum, along with light snacks available for purchase. The evening's menu will include:

Parking fee for Discovery Place Science Parking Deck is not included.

Buy Tickets Online Buy Tickets by Phone 704.335.1010
  • All Ages
  • October 29
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • $19 - $39


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