Ever wonder what makes you human?

From your fingerprints to your DNA, your body is unique. The cells and molecules that make up your body are also part of a larger system, all working with other systems to keep you ticking.

What's inside? What does it mean to be human? How can you keep your body healthy? If someone's health is at risk, how does the medical community collaborate to find a cure?

Investigate and discover human health, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and biomedical sciences in Explore More Me, an all-new interactive learning space that encourages curious questions and provides access to technology, research and training to help you uncover the answers.

Lab activities will change monthly but always include dynamic hands-on opportunities to explore big ideas through inquiry. Lab programming is supported by partnerships with educational institutions, businesses and individuals.

Don't miss Being Me just outside Explore More Me and get introduced to the basic fundamentals of human health including human anatomy. The new experience will address the questions of a curious mind—for example, What is inside your body? How can you keep your body healthy? And why should you care? The scale in Being Me is gross anatomy, mostly focused on organs and body systems. Being Me is hands on, physically engaging, and approachable by even younger children or those with elementary level of knowledge of this subject.


Building Blocks of Life - Get introduced to the wonderful world inside you. Learn about how cells and macromolecules work together to make you uniquely you!

Nanoworld: Explore the nanoworld of cells by comparing sizes to everyday objects. Learn about the exciting field of nanobiotechnology. Saturdays, noon

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