A show designed to get a reaction from you

What do fire tornadoes and elephant toothpaste have in common? They are two of The Chemist’s favorite chemical reactions to demonstrate.

See the world through a chemist’s goggles as you participate in an interactive show that introduces the elements of the periodic table. With the help of audience volunteers, The Chemist conducts experiments that demonstrate four chemical processes, including combustion and exothermic reactions.

The show ends with “The Human Torch” demonstration, a fiery display that will test the bravery of even the most courageous adult audience member.

  • All Ages
  • Included In Admission
  • Duration: 30 minutes


Tue Oct, 15
  • 10:15 a.m.

Getting Here

Discovery Place Science is located in the heart of uptown Charlotte and is accessible by car, train or foot. Discovery Place Science Parking Deck is located at the corner of Church and 6th Sts. in uptown Charlotte.

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